Community Unity: Continued


Saturday, 27 January 2024:

As the fires continued to wreak havoc in the Fairy Glen / Brandwacht area, concerns for the well-being of the wildlife at Fairy Glen arose. The Rotary Club of Worcester, Worcester Lions, and Round Table 68 identified the pressing need for feed and acted swiftly to address it.

Kaap Agri in Worcester was approached for assistance and in a heartwarming display of community support, facilitated the purchase of much-needed Lucern bales to feed the animals affected by the fires. This collaboration highlighted the power of partnerships between community organizations and local businesses in times of crisis.

As the day progressed, Checkers Mountain Mill Mall stepped up to contribute to the relief efforts. Checkers provided fresh vegetables for the elephant and meat for the lions. This act of generosity not only addressed the immediate nutritional needs of the wildlife but also exemplified the community’s commitment to the well-being of all living beings affected by the fires.

Roman’s Pizza Mountain Mill Mall generously provided pizzas to feed the tired and hungry management and staff at Fairy Glen. This gesture not only nourished their bodies but also uplifted their spirits during a challenging time.

Mountain Mill Mall went above and beyond by serving as a central point for community engagement. They assisted in spreading awareness through advertisements, providing a drop-off point at their information desk, and encouraging the public to contribute essential supplies such as water, Energade, and Bar Ones for the firefighters. This collaborative effort transformed the mall into a symbol of community solidarity. 

Mediclinic Worcester’s sponsored eye drops added an extra level of care for those on the front lines and LTS security also sponsored more water, energy drinks and Bar Ones. Thank you to the amazing community of Worcester for all the generous contributions!

Sunday, 28 January 2024:

The fires not only posed a direct threat but also brought about additional challenges. Some water pipes leading to Fairy Glen were damaged during the chaos, limiting the water supply to the affected area. Undeterred by the obstacles, the community once again rose to the occasion, offering their assistance in transporting tanks of water to the impacted region. In a heartening display of solidarity, De la Rosa Trailers joined the community’s efforts by providing a trailer for the transportation of water. By the afternoon West Coast District Municipality and Breede Valley Municipality assisted with another 10 kilo liters of water for the animals. The elephant was also sprayed a bit to cool him down in the sweltering heat.

The events in Worcester paint a vivid picture of a community coming together to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the fires at Fairy Glen. Worcester stands as a testament to the strength of community spirit, offering a shining example of how collaboration and generosity can create a ripple effect of positive change in the face of adversity.