Celebrating Rotary’s Anniversary with a braai at Awendrust


In the spirit of camaraderie and celebration, our Rotary club recently organized a memorable braai at Awendrust. But this was no ordinary gathering—it coincided with Rotary’s anniversary, adding an extra layer of significance to our festivities.

Our members came together with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to Rotary’s values of service and fellowship. The aroma of sizzling meat filled the air as we fired up the braai, ready to embark on a culinary adventure.

One of the highlights of the event was the sheer scale of our braai efforts. In a nod to Rotary’s anniversary, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of braaiing 119 pieces of chicken, symbolizing each year of Rotary’s impactful journey since its inception. It was no small feat, but with teamwork and determination, we rose to the challenge.

As the flames danced and the chicken cooked to perfection, laughter and conversation flowed freely among our members. It was a joyous occasion marked by warmth and camaraderie—a true embodiment of Rotary’s spirit.